William Sears

The Wine of astonishment

Revised and updated edition of this classic and popular book.

Softcover, 160 sider,


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The Wine of Astonishment demonstrates that Bahá’u’lláh has fulfilled all these promises in the Bible. It offers proof that in His teachings you will find the wisdom, love, guidance, and assurance for which the peoples of all religions have been waiting for such a long, long time.

This book gives a clear and straightforward explanation of many puzzling and controversial Christian doctrines such as:
* The meaning behind the ritual of baptism
* The Bread and the Wine
* Confession and Penance
* the meaning of ‘Jesus, the Son of God’
* The secret of the Trinity
* Heaven and Hell
* The Meaning of the Resurrection

ISBN: 978-0-85398-521-1

160 pages
216 x 138 mm ( 8.5 x 5.5 ins)