Stories from Pioneer Post, by T.Batchelor


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by Thelma Batchelor

The stories of Bahá’ís, young and old, who arose with verve and passion to teach the Bahá’í Faith all around the world.


The newsletter Pioneer Post UK was initiated in 1988. Through it, Bahá’í pioneers from the United Kingdom enjoyed the stories of other pioneers. These have become a captivating record of what pioneering life overseas is like and they are now part of Bahá’í history. Stories from Pioneer Post shares some of them with a new audience.

Here are the stories of Bahá’ís young and old who heeded Shoghi Effendi’s advice to ‘plumb greater depths of consecration’, who answered the call of the Universal House of Justice to take the Faith of Bahá’u’lláh to remote parts and who arose with verve and passion to teach the Faith in Africa, the Americas, the cold north, the far south and ‘in the islands of the North Sea and of the Mediterranean, as well as in the remote territories situated in the Pacific’.